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  • Wrought Iron Christmas Tree Display Stands

    Wrought Iron Christmas Tree Display Stands

    Our rustic iron Christmas tree display stands are the perfect way to display your southwest and rustic ornaments for a unique and festive tree this season. Christmas tree candleholders are perfect for a coffee table or buffet display. When lit full of Christmas candles, these are indeed a merry sight. Our iron trees are handmade by iron crafters who have mastered this age old craft.

    This Christmas, our latest twist on the traditional is this contemporary, metal Christmas tree. Ideal for showing off your modern and vintage ornaments, the tree has a graceful trunk, beautifully scrolled branches and is topped off with a star.

  • Green Border Fencing

    Green Border Fencing

    The Border Fence are traditionally used as a decorative element for private houses, a low wall, around a flower bed or a garden.The Border Fence can also be made by woven, also can be made by welded

    A decorative steel woven wire mesh are ideal using of garden fences. Green coating, corrugated wires vintage appearance effectively graces your garden. One tasteful choice of many varieties of decorative fencing, flower bed fencing and garden border fences.

  • Garden Border Fence  with weathered Corten steel and powder coated

    Garden Border Fence with weathered Corten steel and powder coated

    Ornamental  garden fences are also known as decorative metal fencing because, just as they sound, they have a more decorative look than what some traditional forms of garden fencing may have. While wood garden fences and PVC garden fences can add a decorative element because of how they integrate well into the property as a whole, an ornamental  garden fence can add a unique touch. There are so many styles, colors, and varieties that you are bound to find one that suits the architecture of your home and your taste.

    Material and finish options include weathered Corten steel and powder coated  for internal & external installation.

  • Garden Flower Border Fence

    Garden Flower Border Fence

    Border Fence – Garden Center


    Depending on the height and style, border fences can serve a decorative or functional purpose. And sometimes they can be both. Often, they’re just enough of a barrier to discourage the family dog from trampling prized perennials.

    Our garden border fencing use high quality raw materials, and through special surface treatment, high corrosion resistance.The finished products enjoy ten years’ quality guarantee.

    Easy installation: no special accessories are required for the product installation, and the propulsive installation mode is adopted, which is easy to hold, simple and quick, and reduces the cost.

    The suitable bending creates the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful and generous.Easy and quick to install. It can be widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal, transportation and other industries fence, decoration, protection and other facilities.metalldepot border fence (5)metalldepot border fence (4)metalldepot border fence (3)

  • 16ga 3.5lbs coil Rebar tie wire black

    16ga 3.5lbs coil Rebar tie wire black

    The hot metal billet is rolled into a 6.5mm thick steel bar, that is, wire rod, and then put it into the wire drawing device to draw wires with different diameters, gradually reduce the aperture of the wire drawing disc, and carry out cooling, annealing, plating and other processing processes to make iron wires of different specifications. It contains iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc and other elements.

  • Galvanized Steel Rabbit Guard

    Galvanized Steel Rabbit Guard

    Welded wire mesh rolls are constructed with two orthogonal wires that are joined together at their intersections using a resistance welding process to form a grid. The line wires of the grid are guided through the welder using a pattern board. The machine drops cross wires into place and fuses them to create the two distinctive planes that form welded wire mesh.

    Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh having good corrosive resistance and qualities which are not usually found in average wire mesh.

  • Barbed Wire 10kg Barbed wire fence for sale

    Barbed Wire 10kg Barbed wire fence for sale

    Barbed wire is an isolation protective product which is cheap and easily installation. It is made by winding the barbed iron wire on the main wire (strand wire) through a barbed wire machine, and through a variety of weaving processes.

  • Hexagonal Gabion Wall Baskets Stone Cages

    Hexagonal Gabion Wall Baskets Stone Cages

    Hexagonal Gabion, 2x1x0.5 Gabion Wall Baskets Stone Cages

    Hexagonal Gabion  are made of heavy galvanized wire coated wire / PVC or PE coated wires, the mesh shape is hexagonal style. The gabion baskets are used widely in slope protection, foundation pit supporting, mountain rock holding, river and dams scour protection

  • HDG anchor Grip Bolt high-precision Digital Machining

    HDG anchor Grip Bolt high-precision Digital Machining

    we have our own High-precision Digital Machining center for mould making in special Mould Workshop, excellent mould make product beautiful appearance and its size accurately.

    The second, we adopt blasting procession, removing Oxidation surface, make the surface to be bright and clean and uniform and beautiful.

  • Slab Bolster with strong spacer

    Slab Bolster with strong spacer

    The Slab Bolster is a very strong spacer that can be extended to longer lengths through its locking system. The bolster’s pointed tips allow minimum point of surface contact with form. The Slab Bolster is ideal for pouring precast, garage parking decks, tilt walls, and other structures that require additional rebar reinforcement.

  • Fiberglass mesh high strength and good toughness

    Fiberglass mesh high strength and good toughness


    The excellent raw material is selected as the raw material with high strength and good toughness.


    Smooth and bright, high toughness, no stick


    The nodes are dense and not disorderly, and the adhesion force is strong.

    High tensile strength


    Many colors can be customized, please consult us


    The warehouse is in sufficient stock, the price is reasonable and the specification is very complete,feel free to buy.

  • Hardware Cloth welded Mesh made of Stainless Steel Wire

    Hardware Cloth welded Mesh made of Stainless Steel Wire

    Hardware Cloth
    Assortments available:
    Hot Dipped GalvanizedAFTER/BEFORE Welding;
    Electro Galvanized AFTER/BEFORE Welding;
    PVC Coating With Green, Black, Color, etc.
    Welded Mesh made of Stainless Steel Wire.

    This heavy duty hardware cloth is galvanized for Maximum Durability and corrosion resistance. Galvanization after machine welding ensures every weld is protected for the best performance and longest life. Strong 23 gauge wire provides optimal strength but is not too stiff to be able to conform to desired shape

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